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For deacons:

Simple Exsultet PDF (Revised 2011 text)



For the new translation of the Order of Mass in the Roman Missal, Paul Inwood has provided revisions to some of the items in the Gathering Mass, Millennium Mass, Coventry Acclamations, etc. These are all available in the Celebration Hymnal for Everyone Mass Settings Supplement from McCrimmon's, except for the Gathering Mass revised Gloria, which is published in the forthcoming revised edition of Celebration Hymnal. It is also available as a PDF on our latest publications page, together with other PDFs.

His Orbis Factor Mass (commmissioned by the Diocese of Arundel and Brighton for its 50th anniversary in 2015) is now available - for full details, see our latest publications page.


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Bear Witness to the Truth by Paul Inwood

Assembly, SATB choir, keyboard/organ/guitars, two optional solo instruments in C

Commissioned by the Diocese of Shrewsbury to celebrate the 150th anniversary of its cathedral in 2006, this Gathering Song can be performed in many different ways, from the simplest to the most complex. A memorable refrain for the assembly alternates with verses for choir or cantor + organ. The refrain itself can also be performed as a two- or three-part canon, and there is an additional (Latin) chant-like descant that may be superimposed on the refrain. The descant itself may also be performed as a canon in up to four parts, superimposed on the refrain, giving the possibility of a seven-part vocal texture for those with the resources to do this. The mood is reflective but confident, and helps to focus the assembly at the beginning of a celebration. It can be used to accompany an entrance procession, or used as a gathering song before the procession, or as a recessional.

Full score including assembly edition. Ref. no. MM037, price £3.50 [UK], $7.00 [US] (inc. shipping) Orders of 10 or more: £2.50 each (UK only).

Blessed Jesus by Paul Inwood

Unison voices and piano/organ and/or guitars

This sure-fire winner consists of a beautiful melody with three moving verses on the theme of community and Jesus, the Way, Truth and Life.

Ref. no: MM020

Price: [UK] 75p [US] $1.25 (inc. shipping)

Bread of Life by Christopher Walker

Assembly, solo cantor, 3-part choir and organ

A previously unpublished piece dating from 1977, linking the themes of Communion and Mission. A memorable refrain and glorious music in the verses - just the thing for choirs with limited resources who are looking for something make them sound good.

Ref. no: MM014

Price: [UK] 75p [US] $1.50 (inc. shipping)

Canticle of Simeon by Paul Dowbekin

Cantor, congregation and organ, with unison or SATB choir

Beautiful and restful setting of Luke 2:29-32, with a "Glory be" that can blossom into a 4-part canon or can be sung in unison. Easy organ part.

Ref. no: MM015

Price [UK] £1.50 [US] $3.00 (inc. shipping)








Et incarnatus est (Franz Schubert) arranged by Paul Inwood

SATB choir

Have you been looking for something to accompany the central section of the Creed at Christmas, when the assembly is invited to genuflect? If your choir is familiar with Schubert's Holy, holy, holy or Richard Proulx's adaptation of it in the Laudate hymnbook, this could be an easy answer. The same music has been adapted to the Latin text of the central section of the Creed, and has two options, one very short, the other a little longer. Fits with a spoken Profession of faith, or Credo III in E flat, D or C (all three keys are provided). If you don't have an SATB choir, this could also be sung in unison with organ accompaniment.

Full score ref. no. MM043, price £2.00 [UK], $3.00 [US, inc. shipping]; £1.50 each for 10 or more (UK only)


For you my soul is thirsting by Catherine Christmas

Cantor, congregation and keyboard

This beautiful setting of Ps 62(63) has become a firm favourite in many churches.

Ref. no: MM044 (full score)

(The assembly don't really need anything in their hands if this piece is presented properly)

Prices: [UK] full score 60p.[US] $1.00 (inc. shipping)

God's peace be with you by Paul Inwood


Assembly, optional SAB choir and/or vocal descant, guitars, C instrument, organ/piano

Song for baptism, reception into full communion, or dismissal song for catechumens or Liturgy of the Word with Children. Easily picked up by the assembly, tuneful and memorable.

Full score including assembly edition. Ref. no. MM038, price £1.50 [UK], $3.00 [US inc. shipping]

Here, Lord, we come to you by Paul Inwood

Assembly, SATB choir and organ

A beautiful hymn setting, text on the theme of renewal by J.E. Seddon and a memorable tune. Suitable for entrance, reconciliation, evening prayer and many other occasions.

Ref. no: MM025

Price [UK] £1.50 [US] $2.50 (inc. shipping)

This title has now been published by OCP as one of Two Hymns for Gathering, edition no 30103386. The Magnificat Music edition is therefore no longer available.

Joyful news to you I bring arr. by Paul Inwood

Organ, SATB choir, everyone!

An old favourite: the tune of "Angels we have heard on high" with special verses for use as a Christmas Gospel Acclamation/Eucharistic Acclamation, general Christmastide acclamation, or even as a Gloria. Now with two additional verses for added flexibility, interest and theological content!

Ref. no: MM007

Price: [UK] 30p [US] $0.50 (inc. shipping)

Jubilee Mission Hymn by Paul Inwood

Unison voices, organ/keyboard, two vocal/instrumental descants

Commissioned by the Pontifical Mission Societies in the UK for use throughout the country on Mission Sunday 1999 and 2000, this is a strong and sturdy hymn for the missions and for missionaries. An optional final verse commemorates the French foundress of the body which eventually became the Association for the Propagation of the Faith. The words of the highly memorable refrain can be slightly adapted to make the hymn usable on many other occasions, reflecting the broader idea of our own missionary activity in our lives as Christians.

Ref. no: MM020

Price: [UK] 75p [US] $1.50 (inc. shipping)

Lead us from death to life by Paul Inwood

SATB choir (or unison choir) and organ

A choir piece for Passiontide, and especially Good Friday. Text moves from passion and death to light and resurrection. The music includes a kind of choral refrain, and verses use a fluid 5/4 time, returning to 3/4 for each refrain. The idiom is towards the romantic and lush end of the spectrum, with occasional deliberate reminiscences of César Franck's Prélude, Fugue et Variation.

Ref. no. MM035

Price [UK] £1.50 [US] $2.50 (inc. shipping)




















Lumen Christi by Paul Inwood

Deacon/Cantor and SSATTBB choir

A setting of the traditional three acclamations of the Paschal Candle at the Easter Vigil, clothing the people's responses in progressively more splendid choral harmonies! Will transform the Service of Light in any parish with a choir that can divide the voices. Latin and a choice of three different English translations including the one that will appear in the new Missal.

Full score on stiff card. Ref. no. MM039, price 60p [UK], $1.20 [US inc. shipping]


Now the green blade riseth arranged by Paul Inwood

An arrangement for guitars and two solo instruments in C, with different harmonies for the four verses. Guaranteed to spice up this well-known Easter hymn for folk groups!

Guitar score + instrument parts. Ref no. MM042, price £1.50 [UK], $3.00 [US inc. shipping]

A keyboard accompaniment for v. 4 is also available on application. Contact


Only God knows... by Paul Inwood

Unison voices, optional descant, guitars, piano/organ

Presents a new view of the theology of baptism in a simple and accessible way. Ideal for celebrations of baptism with those who attend church rarely. Verses plus an extensive (but easy-to-pick-up) refrain for the assembly.

Full score including assembly edition. Ref. no. MM040, price 85p [UK], $1.75 [US inc. shipping]


PLYMOUTH MASS by Paul Inwood

New revised editions with the texts of the new Order of Mass are available as PDFs on our latest publications page, together with other PDFs.


Renew our hearts by Paul Inwood

Cantor, assembly and piano

A completely responsorial song for use during the rite of sprinkling with blessed water: the assembly simply repeats every phrase that the cantor sings. The length of the piece makes it ideal for use in larger churches.

Ref. no: MM018

Price: [UK] £1.50 [US] $2.50 (inc. shipping)


NO LONGER AVAILABLE since the change in Mass texts

Song for the Advent Wreath by Paul Inwood

Unison voices and piano/keyboard, optional soprano descant and SATB parts

A modal melody and a verse for each of the four candles on the wreath (you add a verse each Sunday until you have four on the 4th Sunday). Varied accompaniments for each verse (English/French semi-impressionistic style), or the simple modal accompaniment for verse 1 can be used throughout.

Ref. no: MM022

Price: [UK] £1.50 [US] $2.50 (inc. shipping)

Three Rounds by Paul Inwood


Magnificat Round (with Latin text: Magnificat anima mea Dominum) - a beautiful 4-part setting.

Lord, by your cross and resurrection - a vigorous 4-part setting, ideal for use not only as the memorial acclamation at Mass but also for the Palm Sunday procession.

When we eat this bread - another memorial acclamation setting, singable in 3 parts or 6 parts. Try using it on Holy Thursday evening.

Ref. no: MM019a

Price: [UK] 60p [US] $1.00 (inc. shipping)



We are your people by Paul Inwood

Assembly, SATB choir, guitar, piano/organ

A wonderful hymn setting with text by Brian Wren on the themes of discipleship, unity, (collaborative) ministry and service.

Ref. no: MM034

Price [UK] 75p [US] $1.25 (inc. shipping)

This title has now been published by OCP as one of Two Hymns for Gathering, edition no 30103386. The Magnificat Music edition is therefore no longer available.



You have called us out of darkness by Paul Inwood


Unison voices with keyboard and / or guitars

An 8-bar ostinato with five other optional descant layers that can be added: two scriptural (from 1 Peter), two different doxologies, and one overlapping descant. This is another useful RCIA piece. Joyful and light-hearted, it could become the first-ever liturgical tango with a slight modification of the accompaniment!

Ref no: MM005

Price: [UK] 60p, [US] $1.00 (inc. shipping)


A substantial number of other recent Magnificat Music publications for sacraments, RCIA, etc, have now been republished by GIA in the collection Ritual Moments, G-6473.

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