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The new Mass by PAUL INWOOD,
commissioned by Arundel and Brighton Diocese
for its Golden Jubilee in 2015

The music is based on the melody of the Kyrie from plainchant Mass XI, known as Missa Orbis Factor.

Gathering Song
Gathering Chant
Penitential Act
Gloria (two versions, one with a refrain)
Lenten Gospel Acclamation
All 3 Memorial Acclamations (two versions of each)
Doxology and Great Amen
Lamb of God

Accompaniments are provided for organ / keyboard, guitar, with choir harmonies and descants, plus a separate book with C and B flat
melody instruments, “baritone” and bass instruments, also brass quartet and timpani for special occasions.

This music also works as an unaccompanied unison melody line.

Three editions:

Choir-accompaniment full edition: £8.00 (ref. MM050, includes assembly boxes for those with a current OneLicense copyright licence)
Guitar-vocal edition: £3.00 (ref. MM050g)
Instruments edition: £5.00 (ref. MM050i)


DEMONSTRATION RECORDING (click on the tracks to listen)

01 - Gathering Song
02 - Gathering Chant
03 - Kyrie Eleison
04 - Penitential Act
05 - Gloria with refrain
06 - Gloria without refrain
07 - Alleluia
08 - Lenten Gospel Acclamation
09 - Sanctus
10 - Memorial Acclamation A with repeats
11 - Memorial Acclamation A straight through
12 - Memorial Acclamation B with repeats
13 - Memorial Acclamation B straight through
14 - Memorial Acclamation C with repeats
15 - Memorial Acclamation C straight through
16 - Doxology and Great Amen
17 - Agnus Dei


Now available on our publications page:

MP3 files and PDFs for presiders and deacons, formerly available on the Diocese of Portsmouth liturgy pages.


Downloadable PDFs:


Revised Plymouth Mass Gloria

Revised Plymouth Mass Sanctus

Revised Plymouth Mass Memorial Acclamation A

Revised Plymouth Mass Memorial Acclamation B

Revised Plymouth Mass Memorial Acclamation C


Revised Plymouth Mass Eucharistic Prayer III (priest's part)

(For accompaniment, order from Magnificat Music)

Revised Plymouth Mass Eucharistic Prayer III mp3 file


Eucharistic Acclamations 2 complete (the "echo" setting, revised with the new 2010 texts)



Come to Me by Paul Inwood
Ostinato SATB (or unison with accompaniment) refrain
with vocal or instrumental descants

For use during the distribution of Communion, this piece will change your life. A strong text and powerful harmonies in the ostinato, and a selection of six scriptural verses to superimpose.

Ref. no. MM051 (includes assembly edition)

Price: [UK] 85p, [US] $2.00 inc. shipping





Revisions to the GATHERING MASS by Paul Inwood

This iconic Mass setting, originally written in 1988, was revised for the new texts of the 2010 edition of the Roman Missal. Up to now, the revisions have only been available within hymnals: here they are published separately for the first time.

Contents: revised versions of

Gloria (including a "Grand Introduction" for use at the Easter Vigil)

Sanctus, all three Memorial Acclamations, Doxology and Great Amen

All other movements remain the same as before.

Complete with assembly editions for all movements

Ref. no. MM060

Price: [UK] £3.50 plus postage, [US] $5.00 inc. shipping

The original edition, formerly published by OCP but now out of print, is still available for use by non-catholic parishes. Contact for details.






In the Dark of the Night (Breakfast by the Sea) by Paul Inwood

Unison voices, SATB choir, piano, guitars, Oboe or C instrument

A meditation in four verses which links the Angel of the Annunciation, the angels in the fields at Bethlehem, the Angel of the Agony and the Angel of the Resurrection. The music draws its inspiration from a Brahms Intermezzo for piano.

Ref. no. MM053 (includes guitar/vocal score, separate instrument part and assembly edition)

This publication is now available from World Library Publications, and the Magnificat Music edition is no longer in print.


Love is Our Mission, Christ is Our Calling by Paul Inwood

Unison voices, descant, organ

For the World Families Meeting, 2015

A strong refrain, and verses with cantor/unison choir interspersed with simple responses for everyone. A optional descant is provided for use with the refrain and verse 3. Use this high-quality text and music to bring your church into communion with the Philadelphia Meeting later this year.

Ref. no. MM052 (includes assembly edition)

Price: [UK] 85p, [US] $2.00 inc. shipping












Praise the Name of the Lord by Paul Inwood

SATB choir and organ (pedals optional)

A boisterous, jolly romp for choir. The music is in rondo form, with a recurring "refrain" underneath which the organ accompaniment becomes more and more unbuttoned! Ideal for any joyful occasion of praise or thanksgiving.

Ref. no. MM054

Price: [UK] £1.50, [US] $3.50 inc. shipping



Millennium Mass Extracts by Paul Inwood

Three of the most popular items from the front section of the Millennium Mass:

Entrance songs for Advent and Holy Spirit, plus Sprinkling Song (Risen from death with Christ)

Ref. no. MM055

Price: [UK] £2.00, [US] $4.50 inc. shipping




Eucharistic Prayer II by Paul Inwood

In 1977, Paul Inwood published a hugely-successful setting of EP II based on a simple four-line chant, together with a setting of the Sanctus, Memorial Acclamation and Great Amen, all in call-response style.

This new edition updates these with the texts of the 2010/2011 Roman Missal. The acclamations are available separately, as below.

Eucharistic Prayer II Acclamations

Accompaniment edition (no assembly edition needed as it's all call-response. Includes all three memorial acclamations (the 1977 only contained one).

Ref no. MM 056. [UK] £2.00, [US] $4.50 inc. shipping

Eucharistic Prayer II

Priest's chant in two editions:

Accompaniment: Ref. no. MM057a. [UK] £2.00, [US] $4.50 inc. shipping Melody edition: Ref. no.MM057m. [UK] £1.00, [US] $2.50 inc. shipping



A number of Magnificat Music publications for sacraments, RCIA, etc, have now been republished by GIA in the collection Ritual Moments, G-6473.

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